Jodi Miller, Ph. D.

Jodi founded WellCheq because it was the tool she needed in her classroom as a high school biology teacher. She found it was difficult at times to know how her students were doing and who needed additional support. Jodi is passionate about helping young people cultivate their immense potential, which begins with feeling seen, heard, and cared for. WellCheq was a way to make it easier for students to ask for help and share how they are feeling with educators.
In 2023, Jodi graduated from the Johns Hopkins University School of Education with her Ph. D. Her research focuses on how stress affects our young people, and what schools can do to help. She is also interested in educator wellbeing, as their mental health matters tremendously. Jodi completed her BA in the Biological Basis of Behavior and her Master’s degrees in Education Policy and Secondary Education at the University of Pennsylvania.
Jodi is committed to supporting students and educators’ wellbeing, and opening up lines of communication between all parties to promote empathy and understanding. She loves working with students and teachers, whose roles are complex, crucial, and extremely rewarding. Not all superheroes wear capes :)

Lieny Jeon, Ph. D.

Lieny is the Jane Batten Bicentennial Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education in the Educational Psychology and Applied Developmental Sciences program at the University of Virginia.
She was previously the Jeffrey A. Grigg Associate Professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Education where she worked with Jodi to co-create WellCheq. Lieny also serves as the Director of Early Childhood Initiatives at the Baltimore Education Research Consortium. Lieny received her PhD degree in Human Development and Family Science with a minor in Quantitative Method from The Ohio State University. She completed her post-doctoral training in the Department of Defense Child Development Virtual Laboratory School. Her research focuses on early care and education, family characteristics and neighborhood disadvantage that impact children’s lives.
She is passionate about early childhood educators’ social and emotional well-being and workforce development, and the way it impacts young children’s development. She also examines how early care and education buffers challenging home and neighborhood environments, and maximizes at-risk children’s development. Her research has been published in national and international peer-reviewed journals and featured in the New York Times. She was selected as an AERA-SRCD early career fellow in early education and development in 2017.

Katherine Ardeleanu, M. S.

Katherine is a PhD student at Drexel University in the School of Public Health and a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor.
She formerly worked as a research assistant at Johns Hopkins University, where she focused on early childhood education and the mental health of early childhood educators and students.
Katherine is also a mental health counselor at a nonprofit Youth Services Bureau in Maryland serving children and families in Baltimore City and the surrounding area. She enjoys spending part of her free time as a volunteer tutor for at-risk children in Baltimore City Public Schools.

Dylan Petro, M. S.

Dylan is a product developer and designer who enjoys creating delightful solutions to difficult problems. He is currently a senior product engineer at Sisu Data and an advisor at Long Weekend, the software workshop he co founded.
He is also a proud supporter and occasional technical collaborator of his partner's community for pro women athletes - The Pivot.
Like Jodi, Dylan graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and is thrilled to work with Wellcheq to change the way schools think about student and educator wellbeing.

Sarah Caroleo, M.Ed

Sarah Caroleo is a Ph.D. student at Johns Hopkins University School of Education.
She formerly served as an elementary teacher in various K-4 settings for eight years and received her B.S. in Elementary Education from Greenville University and M.Ed. in Educational Psychology from University of Georgia.
She is passionate about teachers’ well-being and exploring ways that school systems can strengthen their instructional capacity and self-efficacy. She also studies issues around gifted education and how schools can increase access to advanced and creative learning opportunities for all students.


Sandi Logan-McKibben, Ph. D.

Sandi Logan-McKibben has been a counselor educator for nearly 10 years, serving students in Florida, Alabama, and Texas. Currently, she is a Clinical Assistant Professor & Program Director for the online School Counseling degree program at Sacred Heart University.
Her professional interests include school counseling supervision, leadership, and technology in counselor education. Recently, she co-authored her first book, The Ultimate School Counselor’s Guide to Assessment & Data Collection. She serves on the editorial board of numerous journals, including the Journal of Specialists in Group Work and Teaching & Supervision in Counseling. Additionally, she has served in multiple leadership roles with various state and national counseling associations, including California Association of School Counselors, Florida School Counselor Association, Florida School Counselor Association, and Chi Sigma Iota International.
Notably, Dr. Logan-McKibben was recipient of the 2014 FCA Member of the Year award, 2018 recipient of the School Counselor Advocate Aware: Family, School Community from Florida School Counselor Association, and recently was acknowledged as a Professional Advocacy Agent by Chi Sigma Iota International. Dr. Logan-McKibben is also the founder of Oceanic Yoga & Wellness, which focuses on bring yoga, meditation, and wellness accountability groups, specifically to counselors. She is a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, and has completed numerous specialty trainings in Yin & Restorative Yoga.