A Daily Check-In Tool For Students

Cheq In, Cheq On, Suqceed







How it Works


Students Cheq-In

Every day students answer two questions about their well being. The first question asks students to select the emotions (with emojis) that best represent how they feel and the second asks them to rate their wellbeing on a scale of 1-10, providing teachers with quantitative and qualitative information.


Teachers Cheq-On

Teachers are notified via dashboard and email about the wellbeing of students. Learners who may be in need of additional support are flagged so teachers can proactively intervene before larger issues arise.


Students Suqceed

When students feel supported by their teachers, they engage more in school and perform better academically. Feeling seen and heard is empowering for learners of all ages.

How WellCheq Benefits Students, Teachers and Schools

WellCheq enables students to express how they are feeling in a private and familiar manner- with emojis. The simple act of checking in fosters self-awareness, one of the key components of social-emotional learning according to CASEL.

WellCheq provides teachers with actionable data to better support students. In this way, they are able to identify students who might be struggling emotionally and proactively intervene before larger issues arise.

WellCheq provides schools with data they can use to track individual and class-level wellbeing trends. This information is used to make decisions about programming or resource allocation.

The goal of WellCheq is to provide teachers and schools with the information they need to do what they do best- support our students. To learn more about the Science Behind WellCheq: The Science Behind WellCheq

If you are interested in learning more about WellCheq, or want to pilot in your school, please email jodi@wellcheq.com.

What we've learned!

86% of ES, 82% of MS, and 92% of HS students think it is important for their teachers to know how they are feeling.

97% of ES, 75% of MS, and 83% of HS students reported that WellCheq was helpful for sharing how they felt with their teachers.

"When we didn't have WellCheq a year ago, we had to ask the teacher to go outside to talk. You had to go into the hallway to explain what was going on, but sometimes people aren't comfortable doing that. WellCheq is a better way to express how we are feeling."- 4th grade student, NJ

"WellCheq has allowed me to reach students who weren't otherwise communicating their needs. Thinking they have to go through that one day of feeling down or stressed they weren't reaching out. Now with a click of a button, their needs are communicated effortlessly."- MS Counselor, TX

"I had a student checking in as feeling lonely, worried and sad all week. I have been keeping her after classes to chat and check in. She's in second grade. Had it not been for WellCheq, I never would have known- especially since we are virtual."- 2nd grade teacher, WI

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