We're so excited about WellCheq's early successes! Here are some tales from the field:

From the adults:

"We are loving WellCheq! I get a lot of participation through it, and the kids have been surprisingly honest, which has helped me and our counselor support them."- Teacher, Middle School, GA

"Last week when we were having an issue with one of our students, we printed out the full report for this individual, and discussed it with their parents. It was super helpful to have this data."- Teacher, Elementary School, NJ

"A student put down their wellbeing as a 1, so I reached out to her parent, and they seemed to appreciate the heads up."- Teacher, High School, PA

"It's easy for the students to use. I use it once a week, but would like to use it more consistently to get more data. I truly appreciate this tool and recommended it to another colleague." -School Psychologist, Middle School, CT

"One student I noticed has reported feeling sad for a couple of days. I've been able to check in with her and made sure the social worker did as well. This is a student with high grades but not great internet access. I would not have thought to check in with her, but her responses suggested that I needed to." - Teacher, Middle School, NY

"Kids love looking at the emotional bar graph every day"- Teacher, Elementary School, NJ

"My students liked how simple it was. They know to check in each morning once they have signed into class."- Teacher, Middle School, PA
"One student likes to tell me once he's filled it in knowing I'll check it out and check in with him."- Teacher, Middle School, NY

"WellCheq was completely life-changing for me and my students, especially during this incredibly challenging year."- Teacher, Elementary School, WI

"We started using WellCheq and I'm super impressed with it! I highly recommend it as a quick daily check in for students for social-emotional wellbeing. The data is laid out nicely on the teacher dashboard as well."- Teacher, Elementary School, IL

"I found WellCheq so valuable to get insight into how all of the students were doing emotionally."- Social Worker, Middle School, NY

"Today a girl in my class marked her wellbeing at 1 and her emotion as sad. I pulled her into a breakout room privately to check on her. We talked about what was worrying her. This data allows me to support the whole child." - Teacher, Elementary School, KS

"I really like incorporating WellCheq. Students seem to be happy to answer it."- Teacher, Middle School, NY

From the students:

"WellCheq helps me say how I actually feel, when I feel embarrassed to say it out loud.I also like it because it feels safe knowing that my feelings are going only to my teacher."- Elementary School Student

"WellCheq helps your teacher know how you are doing or if you are not feeling great."- Elementary School Student

"I like how when I want to say I feel bad not everyone needs to know."- Elementary School. Student

"WellCheq lets us tell teachers how we are feeling without anyone in the class knowing."- Middle School Student

"WellCheq helps other people know how you are feeling so if you are upset they can help you."- Middle School Student

"WellCheq helps me put my feelings out in the open."- Middle School Student

"WellCheq helps me feel more aware of my emotions and forces me to ask myself how I'm feeling."- High School Student

"WellCheq gives me away to express how I feel and doesn't take much time."- High School Student